What is recruiting, and how will you help me find a job?

Recruiting is the process of selecting professionals for companies. We assist job seekers in finding employment opportunities by connecting them with various organizations in search of candidates. Our team of experts conducts interviews, analyzes the job market, and helps job seekers prepare for interviews.

What are the advantages of working with SilverMan over searching for a job independently?

Collaborating with SilverMan provides access to our extensive job and employer database. We also assist in preparing resumes, offer training programs, and ensure data confidentiality. This reduces job search time and increases the chances of successful employment.

What services does SilverMan offer to companies?

We provide recruitment services to companies, including needs analysis, candidate search, interview processes, and reference checks. Our goal is to find candidates who best fit the specific job requirements.

In which industries and specializations does SilverMan operate?

SilverMan specializes in recruiting professionals across various industries, including information technology, healthcare, finance, marketing, and many others. We work with a wide range of professions and specializations.

What criteria do you use when selecting candidates for presentation to companies?

We utilize a variety of criteria, including work experience, education, skills, cultural fit with the company, and personal qualities. Our goal is to find candidates who are the best match for a specific job.

How long does the job search process through SilverMan typically take?

The duration of the job search process can vary depending on multiple factors, including your preferences and market conditions. Typically, the job search and hiring process takes from a few weeks to several months.

What guarantees does SilverMan offer to clients?

We guarantee that every candidate presented by us meets high-quality standards. If a client is not satisfied with a candidate, we are ready to provide alternative options at no additional cost.

What are the costs of SilverMan's services for job seekers?

Our services for job seekers are typically free. We receive a commission from employer companies for successful candidate placements, which means you can use our assistance without additional expenses.

How can I start working with SilverMan?

To begin working with SilverMan, simply reach out to us through our website or by phone. Our recruitment specialist will contact you to discuss your needs and provide additional information about the process.