We Create careers, We Build companies, We Grow specialists

Our commitment revolves around that pledge, and our beliefs, philosophies, and core values reinforce it. The track record of several successful years supports this commitment. The relationships we cultivate serve as the foundation for mutual growth, where candidates transform into clients, and clients transform into candidates.


Our agency is a union of true professionals in their field

We are prepared to handle a significant workload, continuously working to enhance our expertise.

Our team of recruiters consists of seasoned professionals in the field of talent acquisition, boasting years of experience and a keen talent for discovering valuable employees.

The primary strength of our team lies in their knack for identifying the specific potential that our clients require in a candidate.

We facilitate the connection between accomplished candidates and thriving companies.


SilverMan Staffing

We offer outstanding staffing services, granting your company access to the finest talents in the job market. Our team of experts conducts meticulous screening and selects professionals tailored to your unique needs. We understand that top-quality employees are the key to your business's success.

SilverMan Hiring Consultation

Our consultants are ready to share their wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of recruitment. We help optimize your hiring processes, develop strategies customized to your needs, and provide insights into best practices. Our goal is to make your company more competitive in the job market.

SilverMan Labor Market Analysis

We provide our clients with access to up-to-date labor market information. By analyzing current trends and conditions, we help you make informed decisions in recruitment and employee retention. This enables your company to stay one step ahead in the dynamic field of recruiting.


Why choose SilverMan services?

Experience in many areas of work
High professionalism of recruiters
No prepayment
High customer satisfaction
Confidentiality and reliability
Flexible prices

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